Arvid Ehn was born in 1971 in Lund,  lived in Helsingborg,  Sweden until he was 25 years old.  In 1996 he moved to Copenhagen.  He now lives with his wife and 2 children I Fredensborg. 

I have always been drawing and doodling.  For a very long time my main focus where on music.  I have played in many bands over the years,  and music is still a big part of my life. About 15 years ago I started to make art on the computer.  I drew basic pictures with a mouse and windows paint.  I got very excited about this,  and soon moved on to the canvas. This transition made me realize that I could make my music on the canvas.  I sometimes try to make as different paintings as I can every time,  I hate to repeat myself to much.

Exploration is my road. Subconsciousness is my lead star. 

Art with imagination, colorful and with the sensitive blow of a blacksmiths hammer!